Pre Owned Annuities or Lump Sum Annuity

We Help You Get the Most Out Of Secondary Annuity Investments

Investing in secondary annuities is a comparatively safe investment. Secondary annuities come about when people who win a lawsuit, lottery, or other settlement resulting in a significant amount of money. They decide that their yearly payouts do not suffice and they would rather receive a lump sum payment or lump sum annuity. In order to gather this lump sum payment or lump sum annuity, they must sell their future payments. These payments are called secondary annuities.

Although the people who sell secondary annuities are not interested in set payments coming to them for years to come, many people would love that type of financial security. We help investors like you purchase secondary annuities from owners selling their payments at a discounted price. These investments will provide a positive rate of return. When the original owner decides to sell their future payments, they take a discounted sum. However, the future payments will be paid regardless. As the investor, you can become the person who receives the payments at their full value.

Learning more about secondary annuities is easy. When you contact our office, our experts will provide you with a list of available investments. You can discuss your personal financial needs, with a member of our staff who has years of experience helping our customers make the best decisions with their money. If secondary annuities are the best option for you, they will explain how a minimum of $10,000 is required and go from there. If another option would be better for your unique needs, they will tell you that as well.

The bottom line is secondary annuities can offer you future payments with guarantees. Not only are these payments promised, but they come with a rate of return that is hands down better that a direct purchase. An insurance company is going to make these payments to someone; it is up to investors like you to decide who will receive these payments.

There are so many people who need a lump sum payment or lump sum annuity today in order to pay for a house, an education, or other life payments that new investing opportunities are always available. When you are ready to learn more about secondary annuities, the experts at LumpSum Pension Purchase are ready to help.

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