Converting Pensions, Annuities or Any Fixed Payment to Lump-Sum Cash

Need cash? Tired of waiting for a fixed payment which does not give the flexibility you need? Sick of seeing your hard-earned money go down the tube when you know you could do better?

A great way to get cash is by converting a pension, annuity, inheritance, lottery pay-off, or most other fixed payments. "Converting" means that you sell your right to future payments for one lump-sum cash amount. The amount is discounted over what is predicted you will receive in pension, annuity or other payments over your lifetime. It does not matter why you need the cash. It can include home repairs, credit card retirement, or helping children and grandchildren. The source of the pension, annuity or other form does not matter either. You can get a lump-sum for a military pension, a corporate pension, or government pension thats over years. Remember, you or your spouse put in work with this group and are entitled to cash compensation. (The same is true for an annuity, inheritance, settlement, etc.) Remember: This is your money.

Lump-sum Pension Purchases, The Right Company!

Pick a professional service to help you get your cash. First, be sure you have a goal. What you need the cash for is your business as is the source of the pension, annuity or other form of fixed payment (although the service you hire should have experience with the source – see below). Before choosing a professional service, however, be sure you know how much cash you need. Then, make sure that the company you choose meets the following criteria:

  • Quick lumpsum pension purchase resolution
  • Make you aware of any discounts they are offering
  • At a minimum, covers pensions already being received
  • They are offering a cash purchase for monthly pensions

At Lumpsum Pension Purchase, we meet all these criteria. You will get a pension purchase on-line within two weeks for your fixed payments. We can say what actuarial tables predict you will earn, all based on what you tell us.

Pensions or Retirement, We can Help!

We are skilled professionals that work with annuity, pension, inheritance, and lump-sum settlements every day. If you are in need of a lump-sum cash advance for your pension, no matter what it is from; corporate pension, military pension, state and federal government retirements, teacher pension, or fire and law enforcement pensions, we will get you your cash fast! We can also help with royalty payments, lottery awards and inheritances of any size.

Sell Us Part of Your Pension

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